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Hi! I am Sanjeeta

English-speaking copywriter from India based in Germany with a passion for good food, great books and constantly learning something new. 

Illustrated by Juan Rojas

The Work

About Me contd.

More about Sanj


Sanjeeta is a coffee connoisseur, knower of the best restaurants in town, teller of long stories, giver of good advice, boxer of amateur expertise, and a generally cool person to have around.

She is a D&AD x Editor X portfolio pick of 2022, speaks enough German to order for you at a restaurant, and has the best book recommendations.

Between 09:00 and 18:00, she creates concepts and copies focused on B2B partners at Zalando. Before 09:00, she has elaborate dreams which will someday be a book. After 18:00, she cooks healthy dinners, which will also be a book someday. On Sundays, she publishes a weekly newsletter of "reality checks".

When asked about herself, she writes in the third person.

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