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Hi! I am Sanjeeta

English-speaking copywriter from India based in Germany with a passion for good food, great books and constantly learning something new. 

Illustrated by Juan Rojas

The Work


The Play

About Me contd.

The Tea


After living the life of a broke creative for almost 5 years in India, I had the strong urge to feel like a broke student.

Et voila! I landed up in Germany with my minimal Deutsch skills, big dreams and a Kindle full of the choicest books Z-library had to offer.


I am not trying to brag but with me on your team, you have an experienced copywriter who has worked across beauty, lifestyle, fashion, Big Oil, technology, FMCG, creative innovation, fintech and healthcare. Plus is a journalism major with mad research skills. Plus can moonlight as a PR strategist. Plus makes killer playlists and knows the best secret music gigs happening in town. And gives the best book recommendations. And can nerd out over the Top 10 Netflix shows. Plus has a story so cute, Tinder India featured it on their socials. 

Plus most definitely knows someone who knows you.

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