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Penguin Reconnect
Penguin | Activation


The internet is making books irrelevant. We would turn to books for entertainment in the past but now the internet is where we live. And without it, we would be in our worst nightmare.


Penguin Reconnect takes over when there is no internet.

Books replace pages on the browser and give users an escape into another world. Based on the user’s online activity, relevant books appear on their browser when their devices are not connected to the internet.
To get the word out, we place billboards in no-internet spots around the UK so people can take a break from their phones and get lost in a book. And as they get hooked on the book specially selected for them, users are encouraged to voluntarily turn off their internet to keep reading via Penguin Reconnect.


Copywriter(s): Sanjeeta Saha, Natasha Mathew

Art Director: Alyona Golikova

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